The one minute read – September 2023

The one minute read – September 2023

Schubert Estate have been crafting wines from these vineyards since 1915, and since being welcomed on board in November 2020 my plan has been to steer the ship along a similar line, without dramatically changing course. Nudging the rudder from the time to time as we aim for continual improvements from vine to glass.

Perhaps the biggest change in our approach to growing and making wine in recent years is how we care for country, which has meant rapidly accelerating the implementation of sustainable practices across our winery and vineyard business. It’s fine to say you’re a custodian, but it has greater impact when you commit yourself to implementing initiatives that improve soil and vine health, which in turn raise the quality of fruit we grow and the wines we make. We're also placing a much greater value on this country’s most valued and ultimately finite resource - water.
As such, there are two themes that will become central to our wine narrative. Continually looking for new ways to improve our expression of Barossa wine, and ensuring we’re improving the well-being of the foundation of our business - the environment at large, and our vineyards.

Matt Reynolds, Chief Winemaker – Schubert Estate

Winemaker Matt Reynolds in vineyards looking at budburst

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