The one minute read - May 2024

The one minute read - May 2024

A sustainable path to ‘growing’ exceptional Barossa Valley wine.

Without being beholden to the strictures imposed by certified organic or biodynamic agriculture, our approach to caring for our vineyards and growing grapes mirrors their intent. Relying on a sustainable and largely input free approach to take care of the landscape. Aiming to create a healthy and nutritious environment to sustain healthy vines and grow high quality fruit. Our aspirations to produce high quality Barossa Valley wine will always have their foundations in our vineyards, making the work we do there pivotal to outcomes in the winery and ultimately a trusted reputation for high quality wine in your glass.

Our sustainable wine ‘growing’ program is built of three critical pillars.

  1. Ensuring adequate hydration to the vines throughout the year, especially so during extended periods of high temperatures. This is achieved by investments in a system of dams in the vineyard, and soil moisture probes. These probes not only trigger the need for hydration, but also ensure a high value is placed on water, one of our scarcest resources.

  1. A composting program that returns organic material to the vineyard to enhance soil nutrient levels. This promotes healthy vines which sustain vibrant, balanced canopies to produce flavoursome fruit.

  1. A quality over quantity approach to setting yield levels in our vineyards. This ensures even ripening and reduces stress on the vines later in the ripening season. As the great Peter Lehmann once said “…there is only so much flavour in an acre of vineyard.”

Making good wine that is good for the planet is core to our ethos as a respected Barossa Valley grape grower and winemaker, and imperative to our promise of exceptional wine quality.

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