The one minute read - March 2024

The one minute read - March 2024

Our 2024 harvest starts this week with the first Shiraz to be picked from Block 5 located on upper section of our Roennfeldt Road vineyard. This year’s harvest program will commence around 4 weeks earlier than last year, marking a return to a more normal time for picking after the exceptionally late start to the 2023 vintage.

My days are currently spent walking the vineyard rows, tasting fruit and assessing both physiological and flavour ripeness. It’s a finely tuned balancing act with weather conditions and vine health the key drivers of quality at this final point in the annual vineyard cycle.

We are extremely happy with the condition of our vineyards and the forecast warm and dry conditions for March and April. A reasonably wet winter followed by intermittent rains through Spring and early Summer have been supported by supplementary water supplies from the dams we established on our Estate immediately following the 2023 harvest. Being able to maintain adequate sub surface moisture levels has encouraged healthy canopies and slow and steady ripening through the warmer months.

The vines are healthy and easily sustaining what looks to be a slightly below average yield of compact bunches of small-berried fruit. Higher temperatures earlier this week are now expected to moderate, slowing ripening and affording me the privilege of time as I consider the critical decision of when to pick.

Is great wine made in the vineyard? Absolutely! My job is to do everything to fulfil the potential of the vineyard and the vintage, and do nothing that will detract from it.


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